When I first tried on a pair of diffraction glasses, I was not overly impressed. I tried them on at home, looking at lights/lamps and thought they were pretty cool but nothing great. This all changed when I took them to a festival.

If you have already tried a pair on, and that’s why you are here… I don’t need to explain just how great they are to you, you already know! The experience of wearing these glasses at a festival is brilliant, what you can see is amazing with the lights, lasers, fire etc. and sharing the experience with others around you is what truly made it special for me. Watching the excitement on peoples face as they put them on and the lights started dancing was fantastic, they always wanted to know what they were and where to get them! It was like magic!

That’s when I realised that there are too many people that go to festivals, raves and other light shows that are unaware of diffraction glasses and I feel they all deserve the experience. So, as soon as I got home I got to work on creating the VisionXplode brand and product range that people from all over the world now enjoy.


The aim of VisionXplode is to give as many people as possible the chance to experience light in a fresh new way! Providing high quality, durable, diffraction glasses that produce excellent results is how I hope to achieve this.