What are Diffraction Glasses?

What Are Diffraction Glasses?

Concerts and music festivals can be an unforgettable experience. People will return year after year to festivals like TomorrowWorld, EDC or Glastonbury because there is something in the air that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. To enhance this experience, there is a new accessory doing the rounds and everyone is impressed!

Diffraction glasses have recently gained a great deal of popularity in rave and music groups. Providing a unique experience on top of a unique experience, diffraction glasses have to be tried to be fully appreciated. Lets take a moment to talk about the history and science of diffraction glasses, as well as their current use and if you should pick up a pair for yourself.

How Diffraction Glasses Work

Diffraction glasses are nothing new. In fact, they have been around as an idea for as long as people have been making lenses for glasses and instruments. This popular rave accessory began its life in the classroom, being used as a tool for teachers to explain the wavelengths of light. Diffraction glasses split up light and create a whole new visual experience as a result. Working along the same principle of shining a light into a prism, diffraction glasses were once a teaching tool until some entrepreneur realized their true potential.

Diffraction Grating Effect

So, What Are Diffraction glasses Used for Now?

One of the most popular uses for diffraction glasses is in the rave scene. Diffraction glasses have recently become a hit at raves and music festivals due to the amount of lights and visual effects created on stage. When combined with diffraction glasses, a whole new experience opens itself up to you. Lights will expand and come towards you as you take in the event like never before. For many people, diffraction glasses are the best way to experience any concert.

Should I Buy A Pair?

Do you want a cool gimmick for you and your friends to play around with when walking around? Do you want a simple device that will make colour explode around you during festivals? You will never know the answer to “What Are Diffraction Glasses,” until you experience it for yourself!

With that in mind, you should seriously consider buying a pair of VisionXplode diffraction glasses, if for no other reason than experiencing a concert like never before. They are an excellent thing to pass around between friends and strangers alike, they bring joy to everyone, even on top of the amazing concert atmosphere. As a result, diffraction glasses are THE rave accessory for 2015. Experience it for yourself.

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